Katy Perry should hear me roar at Louisa Herrera

Katy Perry should hear me roar at Louisa Herrera

Adorable and delicious Louisa Herrera is on the prow this week with a stunning polka dot mini mouse deluxe outfit.

Long and slender legs, she’s growing up fast. This set is special too from the FSP2 stash. You can only find this stash on the TTL Models site, http://www.TTLModels.com and you can only get at it after you’ve shown your support with a 3 month subscription or more.

Is it worth it? Dude, it’ll totally take you 3 months to download on the content that’s on this site. And we’re talking a bunch of updates every week of fantastic, fresh new latin cuties on top of the already great archive content from the old sites.

Take the dive today and help out these little ladies.

Click here to, “Catch the Mouse”! ©

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