Cinnamon Buns warmed in the Tropical Sunshine – Sheer Lingerie Floss on Juliana Yepez

First of all Juliana Yepez is stunningly beautiful. Young, petite with soft, smooth, dark latin skin and long, silky hair.

Second, her outfit is SHEER black lingerie.

Third, only the word to describe this video is, “FLOSS”. It’s daring and delightful to show off the beauty of this little queen.

Teen Beauty Fitness is setting a new standard for young, teen models. TBF has a seemingly, endless supply of sweet and tiny teen models to show off.

The new site, has many of the same updates as the TTL site but with BONUS levels that are just incredible.

Hang with them and show your support for these girls and you’ll be rewarded with VIP status and access to some fascinating glamour teen displays.

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Browse around and then jump in with the rest of us.. The water is great and the girls are perfect!

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