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Just want to remind you fellas that Angelita Model’s whole archive is INCLUDED with your subscription to Teen Beauty Fitness!

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Just a little taste this update of beautiful power this little lolita has in store for you.

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Cinnamon Buns warmed in the Tropical Sunshine – Sheer Lingerie Floss on Juliana Yepez

First of all Juliana Yepez is stunningly beautiful. Young, petite with soft, smooth, dark latin skin and long, silky hair.

Second, her outfit is SHEER black lingerie.

Third, only the word to describe this video is, “FLOSS”. It’s daring and delightful to show off the beauty of this little queen.

Teen Beauty Fitness is setting a new standard for young, teen models. TBF has a seemingly, endless supply of sweet and tiny teen models to show off.

The new site, has many of the same updates as the TTL site but with BONUS levels that are just incredible.

Hang with them and show your support for these girls and you’ll be rewarded with VIP status and access to some fascinating glamour teen displays.

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Browse around and then jump in with the rest of us.. The water is great and the girls are perfect!

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POWER UP! Purple sticky goodness w/ sheer awesome + side boob

Teen Beauty Fitness is on the top of my list for sites to watch right now! Join now and stay with the site, your reward is some extra delectable dividends. (Bonus 1 & 2 levels)

Starting with Alejandra Jimenez in this sheer one piece. With plump curves and a great b’donk she knocks me out with that thong.

Check out the site and show your support. If you don’t support these beautiful teen girls, who will?


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A Breath of Fresh Air – Daniela Florez in Blue Lace Lingerie

A Breath of Fresh Air – Daniela Florez in Blue Lace Lingerie

Delicate Daniela clears the air this week with a great video update. Lacey blue thong and matching sheer bra lingerie all in high def for her dedicated fans. You may want to join the club, even if just for a month to see what this bootiful beauty can do to cleanse your spirit.

Check our her site, It’s still only around $30 a month to get going and you get access to gigs of archive footage and photos of D when she was just a little 15yo darling.

Click HERE to clear your mind ©

Busty Latin Tart Luisa Herrera and Her Long Luscious Legs

Busty Latin Tart Luisa Herrera and Her Long Luscious Legs

Petite sweet tart Luisa Herrera shows off her long legs in this latest outdoor glamour photoshoot. Watch Luisa and her other teen sweeties dance and pose in the hottest lingerie and swimwear they can find.

Be part of the party and join / support the site with a small contribution of around a dollar a day and you’ll get to share in the the booty!

Check out little loli Luisa in this and at least 6 other hot outfits on the TTL Models site,

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String Bikini Delight from Michelle Romanis

String Bikini Delight from Michelle Romanis

It may be an archive site for now, but you may want to download what you can before it disappears from the internet forever. I was just daydreaming and wanted to go through some of her classic videos and photos. Get your copy today before it’s gone like Angelita.

Michelle Romanis ©

Va Va Va VOOM! Busty Latin Teen Valentina’s in the Jungle for YOU!

Va Va Va VOOM! Busty Latin Teen Valentina’s in the Jungle for YOU!

Looking healthy under the canopy of the jungle, bustalicous Valentina model grinds around in a bright red, sheer thong bikini.

Great makeup and hair, I just cannot get enough of this delightful model.

Check out her work in the FSP2 club when you join for at least 3 months at the original site, TTL Models,

You can check out this high quality video and gigs more at her solo site,

Valentina Model ©

Time to do some Laps with Heidy Model

Time to do some Laps with Heidy Model

Great high def video from Heidy’s site,

I can’t believe this is video 113! It’s like she’s grown from a tiny little girl to a tiny little woman. A great fashion model frame mixed with sassy swimwear make for a great video subject. Add in some splashing at the waterfall, great looks and cute braces.. you’ve got a another winner from this little sweetheart.

Click HERE for more POOL FUN! ©

Darling Daniela Dances Next to Naked

Darling Daniela Dances Next to Naked

Her most recent addition to the GIGS of content on her site, this is a simple and fantastic video. Great glamour and really great form, darling Daniela dances in a silky, sheer top and thong panties.

Daniela is always a constant in her glam and goodness. Sometimes she even has a few friends over to party next to naked with her.

Check out her site and her friends at

Darling Daniela ©

3rd Lolita is a Charm – Angelita & Friends Entertain

3rd Lolita is a Charm – Angelita & Friends Entertain

I know you love it when there’s lots of models in the shoot. This one should top off the last two updates.

Sweet and petite Angelita in sheer lingerie along with her new friends modeling around the pool was a great idea!

TTL models has been pumping out the jams with these awesome updates. This one however is from the FSP2 club so make sure you guys email the admin after 3 months of subscriptions to get into the club.

Angelita’s site is still having problems with a corrupt database so stay tuned. For now, go to the original TTL Models site,

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